Croissants, Pastries and Cookies

Our selection of croissants and pastries are made in-house and baked fresh daily by our team of pastry chefs. Our packaged French pastries and confections are made with respect to years of French tradition and reflect our ongoing commitment to authenticity and the use of quality ingredients and chocolates.

Pastry and Confections Menu

CroissantButter croissant$3.50
Pain au ChocolatChocolate croissant$4.25
Croissant au FromageCheese croissant$4.25
Croissant au Bacon Érable et FromageBacon and cheese croissant, maple glaze$4.75
Croissant aux Bleuets MûresBlueberry-blackberry croissant, vanilla pastry cream$4.25
Croissant aux AmandesAlmond croissant, double baked$4.95
Croissant aux Framboises AmandesRaspberry croissant, marzipan$4.95
Tarte aux Pommes Streusel$5.50
Chocolate Chip Cookie$2.95
Double Chocolate Chip Cookie$2.95
Toffee Pecan Chocolate Chip Cookie$2.95
Oatmeal Cranberry Raisin Cookie$2.95
Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies4 pieces [gluten-free]$5.95
Cannelés de Bordeaux5 pieces$5.95
Financiers5 pieces$4.95
Florentines3 pieces$5.75
Madeleines5 pieces$5.95
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  • Croissant


    Butter croissant

  • Pain au Chocolat


    Chocolate croissant

  • Croissant au Fromage


    Cheese croissant

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